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WARNING! Fugu may kill you!
Dangerous, poisonous pufferfish Lagocephalus sceleratus  invades the eastern mediterranean sea!

Poisonous pufferfish Lagocephalus sceleratusThe fish is called "rabbithead" or "rabbitnose" as well.

It is a delicatesse in japanese speciality restaurants called FUGU, but parts of it are extremely dangerous and the poison, which is NOT degradable or destroyed from cooking can cause severe toxic reactions!

Officials in Greece and also in Turkey as well like other southeast-mediterranean countries spread warnings to all fishermen - professionals and private fishers! Was seen in 2012 in Croatia as well!

There were a few reports in the last years, that the pufferfish is about to invade the mediterranean sea and spread through waters around eastern islands like Cyprus, Crete and the Dodecanese like Rhodes (2003). Croatia reports 2012 - the pictures below are from summer 2012

The fish is up to 50cm long and can weight 3 pounds (1500 g)
The toxic poison is in his skin, and NOT degradable or will NOT be destroyed from cooking - so avoid fishsoups, unless you are 100% sure, what kind of fish was used for it!

Since summer 2009 the greek Port police offices show the poster indicated left, warning to catch or eat that fish! In case one catches such a fish, please contact the local nautical officials for information to the nautical scientific research og Greece!

So do turkish authorities and croatians!

Be aware of false informations from fishermen

Since we saw the fis offered from fishermen as well, we recommend urgently to make sure, you don´t buy or eat any fish, which was not identified 100%!




the pufferfish is poisonous and dangerous


Fugu the deadly fish plate
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